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Trovan transponders and scanners are used by humane societies, animal control agencies, veterinarians, zoos, aquariums, fisheries, and wildlife agencies around the world for the ID of pets and other animals, while industrial customers use Trovan products for access control, time & attendance, asset & inventory management, industrial laundry garment tracking/sorting, industrial gas cylinder identification & tracking, ski lift ticketing, and many other applications.


Trovan is at the leading edge of RFID technology today:

Exceptional read distances for any given transponder form factor
Exceptional reading speed
Unmatched system dependability
Unprecedented readability near metals and in operating environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Optimized transponder manufacturability, with resulting economies of scale and cost advantages

A wide variety of transponder form factors and reader configurations, both standard and custom, are available.  Automated manufacturing ensures absolute quality.  Transponders are inert and require no batteries or internal power source since it is powered by the transponder scanner.  Further details on Trovan products can be found at


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